Some interesting projects of mine

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Manage wireguard from waybar

sway waybar wireguard Free software

This is a simple, stupid waybar extension for toggling wireguard. It uses rofi for password prompting, but you could use anything you like.

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A library to use Lightfield SPE files in Julia.

Princeton Instruments julia Free software

SPEFiles is a library aiming at providing utilities to open Princeton instruments SPE 3.0 files with Julia.

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A plugin on top of vim-slime to enhance its cell feature.

vim vim-plugin vim-script Free software

It adds the possibility to jump between cells and to send the current cell then jump to the next one. There is also a nice syntax-highlighting feature for cell boundaries.

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Re2o is a management software initially developed at Rézo Metz. It is now in use in several student organizations. It aims to remain agnostic of the organization that uses it and be easy to setup.

Django Python Sys-admin Free software

Re2o is based on the Django framework and Python3. Its core functionalities include managing the members, their machines, their invoices and their rights to the network but also the topology of the network and its devices. On top of this, it is possible to plug services to enhance the possibilities and fit the need of each organization. I have been actively involved in this project from 2017 to 2020.

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The sources for a talk on optical fibres I gave at the 2021 edition of Nocturnes FedeRez.

French LaTeX Julia

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This is a simple package to use Savitsky-Golay filters in Julia. Check-out the documentation to see how it works.


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A bridge between IRC and telegram.


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A library allowing interferograms interpretation in Julia.

Julia physics optics

his is a small library allowing to retrieve aberrations from an interferometer image. Aberrations are expressed in Zernike polynomials.

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This is a small library that I'm building in order to compute Delaunay/Voronoï tesselation and using it as a 2D Map.

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Because making Tikz figures can be painfull, I should share mines.

Tikz LaTeX

You can find here my Tikz figures, everything under Creative Common by-sa 4.0.

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Create an account poster

A LaTeX template of a poster to explain users how to connect to the wifi.

LaTeX Free software

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Let's share YouTube

A somewhat sloppy website to watch youtube with your friends remotely.

Javascript Python Free software

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Gear Factory

A software to generate gears. It uses SVG as an output.

Engineering Gears C++ Free software

Gear Factory is available for : Windows 32bits and GNU/Linux 64bits (you will need Qt5 on your computer).

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A Brainfuck interpreter written in C.

C Free software

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An application to send G-Codes and control my milling machine.

French Python Free software

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A POC of a raycasting program in Python.

French Python Free software

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French Python Free software

A group project written in Python which allow to draw Skeletal formula, find brut formula and name in nomenclature for a molecule. I was in charge of the GUI and the processing of the skeletal formula.

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A small programm written in C++ and enabling user to explore Mandelbrot or Julia set.

C++ Free software

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A small game written in C++.

French C++ Free software

What if you could be a Rambo-inspired banana wearing a diaper ? Don't judge ok ? it was highschool.

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A small cellular automat.

French C Free software

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A small C API to quickly create menus in C.

French C Free software