I'm an engineering student at CentraleSupélec, France, and MSc student in Optics and Photonics at Imperial College London, United Kingdom, and this is my personal page.

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I am a student who enjoys trying new things and discovering new subjects. You can find my CV here.


Optics, Analogue electronics, Electronic engineering...

Computer Science

Python, Julia, C, C++, Dynamic websites with Django + HTML/CSS, GNU/Linux, Networks, Ansible ...

Signal processing

Matlab, Simulink, Matplotlib, Numpy, linear filters, automation...

Here are some of the projects I made along the years.


Re2o is a powerfull management tool for network managers. It is a free software written in Python/Django, developped by people from FedeRez.


I have been a member (and president for 1.5 year !) of a student organization which provides internet to our student residence (~300 members). I designed a new infrastructure for the network, including the main firewall and the basic needs (DHCP, radius, DNS...).


GearFactory allow users to design gears and to export them to SVG files.


A simple greenhouse made in wood, because computers are not everything in life. :)

Rumor spreading

When I was applying to my engineering school, I made this simulation using OCaml in order to study rumor spreading in social networks.


For several years I have been trying to build my own CNC router. But because I am quite busy being a student, it is not finished yet. One day maybe ?


A POC written in Python with pygame to see what Raycasting looks like.


A group project written in Python which allow to draw Skeletal formula, find brut formula and name in nomenclature for a molecule. I was in charge of the GUI and the processing of the skeletal formula.


A small programm written in C++ and enabling user to explore Mandelbrot or Julia set.


A rather efficient Brainfuck interpreter written in C.

Master 328

An ATMega328-based console I made with a friend when I was in highschool.

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