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Modeling a honeycomb grid in FreeCAD

A small tutorial on FreeCAD

English FreeCAD honeycomb twitter

Someone asked me how to make a honeycomb grid in @FreeCADNews. Here's how I do it, and bonus it's parametric! ⬇️

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Let's play at implementing a fast Fourier transform!

An algorithm you probably use on a daily basis.

English FFT Signal Processing Julia

The Fourier transform is an essential tool in many fields, be it in Physics, Signal Processing, or Mathematics. The method that is probably the most known to calculate it numerically is called the FFT for Fast Fourier Transform. In this little tutorial, I propose to try to understand and implement this algorithm in an efficient way. I will use the language Julia, but it should be possible to follow using other languages such as Python or C. We will compare the results obtained with those given by the Julia port of the FFTW library.